Myth 1: The Power’s in the Pressure 

A common misconception is that the solution to a dirty home is a high pressure wash. However, the results you’re looking for do not come from simply blasting water at the side of your house. The real power comes from the combination of sodium hypochlorite [SH] and a surfactant (soap). Sodium hypochlorite is a chemical most commonly found in liquid pool shock or bleach and the special soap used helps the SH bind to the sides of your house. This combination breaks down almost all organic and inorganic waste at a molecular level. Only then can we remove the dirt and grime not with a high-pressure rinse but rather a low-pressure wash that maintains the integrity of your home.

Myth 2: Anybody can do it

Another common misconception among homeowners is that they can simply pressure wash their own residence and get excellent results. While it is true that you may blast away some debris from the side of your house, you may be blasting away a lot more than that. Most of the surfaces of your home are not meant to be sprayed with high-pressure and doing so can result in various forms of damage. On the other hand, as we stated before the real power in our services does not come from high-pressure but rather the strong combination of sodium hypochlorite [SH] and a surfactant. Not only is this a strong combo but it must be a precise combination as well. Too much or too little of either SH or surfactant and the results could be drastic!  Unless you have a vast amount of experience and the right commercial-grade equipment, you won’t be satisfied with the end product of your washing project. 

Myth 3: My home is algae free

The last myth we will discuss is that if you don’t see it, it’s not there. Many homeowners believe that their home is algae free. However, this may not be the case, simply because you cannot see the algae it does not mean that it is not present. Algae spores are carried by the wind or by animals and can quickly spread from one rooftop to another. That is why it is common to see algae growth on the rooftops or sides of houses throughout an affected neighborhood. The most common type of algae is gloeocapsa magma—also known as blue green algae.

This algae growth usually begins as small spots and then eventually becomes visible streaks. By the time this algae is noticed by the homeowner, it has usually been present for at least two or more months. Here at Power House Power Washing we use a combination of powerful chemical solutions and low-pressure rinsing to break down and rid your home of both organic and inorganic blemishes. Ensuring that your home is not damaged by abrasive high-pressures while removing dark algae stains, and even deadly molds.